Australian Spider Beetle

Name Australian Spider Beetle Latin Ptinus tectus Stats Adult beetle length 2.5 – 4 mm Appearance The middle of the body is constricted to give a waisted spider-like appearance. The legs and antennae are long. The larvae are fleshy, curved and not very mobile. Cryptic in their behaviour, these insects will “play dead” if disturbed.

Carpet beetles

Name Carpet beetles Latin Anthrenus spp Stats Adult beetle length 3 mm Appearance The varied carpet beetle and the museum beetle are the most commonly encountered by pest controllers. They have a speckled appearance which arises because of the many scales which cover the elytra and the prothorax which are black, white and yellow giving…

Confused flour beetle

Name Confused flour beetle Latin Tribolium confusum Stats Adult beetle length 3 – 4.5 mm Appearance The shape is elongated; the antennae have a gradual five segmented club. Easily mistaken for the rust-red flour beetle, which has distinct three clubbed antennae. The cylindrical wiry larva is 4 to 5 mm long when fully grown and…

Common clothes moth

Name Common clothes moth Latin Tineola bisselliella Stats Body length 6 – 8 mm. Wingspan 9 – 16 mm. Appearance The upper side of the forewings is buff, nearly golden, in colour. Both pairs of wings have fringed margins. Adults are rarely seen in flight, mostly only the males, and the females after they have…

Indian meal moth

Name Indian meal moth Latin Plodia interpunctella Stats Open wing span – approx. 16 mm Appearance The forewing has a broad grey band across the bronze brown wings. In common with other moth species, wing scales are readily lost and wing pattern is therefore an unreliable characteristic for identification.